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Fab course from the Resilient GP group! I went on the inaugural one in Abingdon and took home some incredibly useful strategies for dealing with my workload and the general climate.  It was also great to meet with other GPs from a plethora of backgrounds from across the country so would highly recommend it.

New Resilient GP course


The next Resilient GP Course will be in Birmingham on Saturday 31 January 2015.

Visit for more details and to secure your place.

All GPs are welcome.

Particularly suitable for trainees who have already passed their CSA exam.

A Deafening Silence Waiting to be Broken

I read with disappointment the downright malicious article written in the Daily Mail by J Meirion Thomas.

In many ways it reminds me of something we are more used to Nick Griffin spouting than an esteemed and highly educated colleague (it is interesting that NG came out on twitter to defend JMT – who needs enemies when you have friends like him!).

I sat down to write some cathartic reparté on behalf of my entire GP fraternity when I realised that mine is not the voice we should all be hearing.

This, therefore, is a challenge to all the ‘Powers That Be’ to do the right thing and publicly sanction JMT. Their inaction would be yet another example of their indifference to the public denigration of our hard work and very existence that appears in the media on a daily basis.

To the GMC……

JMT is clearly in breach of the ‘Duties of a Doctor’. This article is a brazen challenge to your authority and (in) ability to act. The GMC receives the bulk of its funding via GPs (40000 GPs paying £400 per year) and is duty bound to not just put out a statement condemning JMT but owes it to its members to act in a show of strength and support. Do your job.

RCS and RCGP……

I don’t know how these two organisations would choose to respond to such hate. However, the RCS should be feeling very, very uncomfortable about their colleague essentially upsetting every doctor in the UK who is female, non UK in origin and now also GPs. Anything other than condemnation in the strongest strength fundamentally undermines the ‘linear integrated primary / secondary care’ approach the next five years is meant to bring. Dr Maureen Baker – this is your MTAS moment, a failure to act will set college relationships back a decade.

Mr Hunt……

I laugh at him even bothering to comment. However, his views would be facinating!!!

The NHS trust and the Private Hospitals (x 3) that he works at…….

Your patients all come via their GP. You rely on positive working relationships with all of these individuals to provide the level of care that we all aspire to. It is the community teams we lead that gets a patient home and appropriately supported, to try and avoid bed blocking, our admission avoidance efforts that stops you breaching all of your targets. Is this mouthpiece someone you want to be representating your organisation? A lack of response would suggest you think he is, or you just don’t care.

The BMA/Londonwide LMC….. I would suggest you send copies of this and JMTs other article in the Daily Mail about Female Doctors to every one of your member practices, stand back and wait to see what happens.

Ben Davies