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The Sun article: ‘Doctors insult their patients in online rants’.

Supporting General Practitioners

PRESS RELEASE: 3rd September 2017

Resilient GP® is an organisation which supports GPs and their colleagues within General Practice, struggling with the progressive workload burden of general practice. As well as providing peer education and support, we, like many organisations have a Facebook group.

The Facebook group serves as a support group for over 8000 GPs, practice nurses, practice managers and other members of a GP Surgery’s Team. The site acts as a chat room where colleagues can discuss the challenges of modern day general practice. We also act as a signposting service, advising members of specific organisations and individuals that can help them personally and professionally. Any posts asking clinical questions are deleted and no patient identifying information is permitted as per GMC Social Media Guidance. We have a clear social media policy and members are aware they are accountable for their own posts and language.

We are very disappointed that a member of our group has broken the trust of the 8000+ individuals of the group by sharing posts with a non-member. The breach of trust demonstrated by such an action is at best distasteful and could be considered to be unprofessional and dishonest.

The very existence of Resilient GP® is a symptomatic of the increasing pressures and systematic underfunding of general practice. Clinical workload has increased by 16% and yet the number of GPs have continue to fall.  8/10 GPs report their workload as unmanageable. Finally, because of inadequate funding, in the past year 200 surgeries have shut; people haven’t just lost their jobs, but their place in a community and their entire livelihood.

With these insurmountable pressures, we feel it is understandable that in a group of this size frustrations will be voiced.

It is exceptionally disappointing that the media is all too keen to vilify a group supporting an exhausted profession, rather than raising awareness of the reasons for the collapse of general practice, and with it the NHS.


Notes to Editor

Resilient GP®  is an organisation set up to support GPs in developing working practices designed to prevent burn out and to support a highly effective primary care service that works well both for the doctors and the needs of patients.