Graduate status candidates.
40 – 50 meetings a day, number to be decided by clientele.
Wage non-negotiable depending on profit/expenses accounts with income decided by government and expenses by market forces.
Additional hours non negotiable.
Quality and outcomes must be recorded.
Regular personal inspection annually and five yearly revalidation.
Failure ends career.
Business inspection annually and possibly by 3 different agencies.
Personal/professional indemnity not provided, available for 7-8k a year from various agencies.
No holiday cover.
Pension relief now 0%.
Pension payment 23.5% of salary rising to 29% soon.
Lump sum pension now reduced, subject to further change with notice but without agreement.
Retirement age to be changed at will by government.
Package for level of seniority and experience now not included. 100k+ will be quoted by agencies and media but rarely received; no car, no personal expenses.
Hours will match workload but is exempt from working time directive but an error made through tiredness is not exempt from prosecution.
Applicants expected to have high divorce, alcoholism, suicide, drug misuse and mental illness rates within post with no help from occupational services.
This attractive opportunity is usually filled by the top 5% of school achievers.
Other careers are available.

Originally posted by +Simon Ruffle as a comment to an article on +Pulse Today.
Reproduced by kind permission of Dr Ruffle.