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Many thanks for your enquiry regarding Resilient GP providing a course for your organisation.

We have held training events for GP VTS ST3s and Educational Supervisors and our own courses, we have also presented at GP conferences.

Feedback we have recieved:

“It was wonderful. The first time I have felt positive about General Practice”

“Understanding what is and isn’t expected of a GP”

“A ray of light in the doom and gloom”

Absolutely fantastic! Refereshing to hear something constructive and highly relevent. Well done for standing up for something our country should be proud of”

Course content

The exact content of the course will be developed in conjunction with you for the needs of those attending. However, a typical course will be held over a full day, as we find that a lot of useful discussion often arises, and will contain some of the following:

What is Resilience and why does it matter?

Resilience in action, personally and as a practice.

Barriers to resilience

Why you should still be enthusiastic about a career in general practice.

Secondary care work in primary care

Managing complaints effectively



£100/hour for each presenter but please ask us as rates may vary according to what you need.

Minimum of 2 presenters, with a ratio of 1 presenter : 15 delegates

Travel (+hotel if necessary) on top of above charges.

Please do get in touch for further information

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