Ethical considerations

We feel that is is not unethical to raise real life examples of inappropriate appointment use. No one has identified any patient and sharing information on the misuse of resources and opportunity cost involved denying someone else more in need of an appointment is both worthy, ethical and necessary. The ethics of utilitarianism are equally important here and it is a duty of doctors to challenge inappropriate use of resources. It is, to us, highly unethical that the leaders of the profession have done nothing to challenge this elephant in the room.

We understand some might feel uncomfortable, but these are examples happening every day in the NHS, which occur solely because we are free at the point of use. The public have a duty to use services responsibly, or be educated in where they are not. The problem is now we are so overregulated and time stretched that for a doctor to challenge such use simply invites a complaint which then takes hours to respond to, so many NHS staff lack the courage or resilience to challenge. So we have to be brave, as a group of healthcare workers desperate to improve access for patients in need, and stand up to defend the NHS, profession and other patients who cannot access healthcare by raising this vitally important issue.