I Am Your GP

I don’t want much, I am your GP.
I want enough appointments, I am your GP.
I want longer appointments, I am your GP.
I want to feel that I can focus on the patient in front of me, without dreading the crushing workload waiting when they leave, I am your GP.
I want to smile and look up expectantly when someone knocks/calls/stops me in reception to ask me something, I am your GP.
I want to concentrate on personalised family medicine, I am your GP.
I want to see you when you are unwell with medical needs that I can help, I am your GP.
I want to feel optimistic on my way to work, knowing today my referrals will be read, my patients cared for in hospital and their concerns listened to in outpatients, I am your GP.
I am your GP, I cannot replace your sister, father or mother for sensible advice.
I am your GP, I have no legal qualifications.
I am your GP, I have nothing to do with housing, immigration or your ability to get into the school of your choice.
I am your GP, I know nothing of ‘mould’ in your bedroom, or heating or double glazing.
I am your GP, I have no idea how to manage your bullying boss, demanding mother in law and uncaring partner.
I am your GP but I cannot provide all medical services alone, unsupported, at the beck and call of patients, relatives, nurses, reception staff, carers, consultants or nurse specialists.
I am your GP and I am expected to respond to all and do all that is asked – even if I have no appropriate training, funding or experience. And if I refuse, I am made to feel that I am failing my patient.
I am your GP and know that pharmacists know more about medicines, physios know more about musculoskeletal pain, and psychologists know more about managing your dysfunctional thoughts. I also know seeing other professionals will inevitably cost you money.
I am your GP and seeing me is free.
To my patients, their relatives, local professionals and colleagues in both the community and hospital environment….. If you are asking ‘the GP’ to do something, have you really considered whether it is essential, or is there an alternative? If things do not change have you considered you are driving us to extinction? Have you considered life without GPs? I think you will wish someone told you sooner….

Petra House